4 advances of modular stand construction

Re-use of products is getting more popular. We see this in all branches, so why not in exhibition stands?

If your company participates in trade fairs several times a year, you can lower your ecological footprint with modular stand construction. Not just good for the environment, but sustainable stand construction also gives your company a positive image.

What does modular stand construction mean and why should you choose this?

What is a modular stand construction?

A modular stand is a stand which fits at all your exhibitions planned in certain number of years. A modular stand construction is the smart design of stand materials that fits at al those exhibitons, displaying the right elements that enables you to have a succesfull trade show with the right brand identity.

funda business stand

Advances of modular stand construction

So why should you choose for a modular stand? Some good examples make choosing for modular stand construction logical. It’s not just good for the environment, but also for the image of your company. You will also have a strong brand identity, it is cheaper, and it costs less time to build the stand.

  • Sustainable
  • Strong brand identity
  • Fewer costs
  • Less time

1. Sustainable

Modular stand construction is specially designed to fit all shows in your exhibition calendar. This type of stand construction is sustainable. If you would also choose to use materials like FSC certified wood, eco-wood or reusable cardboard, the ecological footprint can be lowered even more.

2. Strong brand identity

After the stand design is made, the brand identity will be processed in every detail. This way, your stand design can be used for every exhibition in your exhibition calendar. The floor space at each exhibition will different, this means every stand needs a different set-up, content (text, graphics, video’s), yet the brand identity stays the same and which makes the stand recognisable.

3. Lower your costs

Although the initial costs are higher when you buy the modular stand, this type of stand is more cost-efficient when you consider going to multiple fairs or events, each time with a new stand. Because you can spread the cost over the number of events, the stand will be cheaper than when you buy every time a new one.

4. Make less effort

You tell us when and where and leave the rest to us…
At Hypsos, the same team of stand builders is always building the stand, no matter what the trade fair is. They know all the ins and outs of the booth, the desired layout including AV, lighting computer connections, and ensure that the booth is ready for your staff from any country. It is therefore no longer necessary to be present at every construction yourself. Which is ideal if a number of your exhibitions is held abroad and staff from other branches of your company will be manning the stand.

stand of zorg & welzijn

When do you choose a modular stand?

Do you participate in fairs or events several times a year where you want to present your company well? Then a modular position is perfect. Because the stand can be used multiple times, you only have to pay the costs of designing and realizing the stand once. It is no longer necessary to create a separate design for each exhibition or event.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important to be concerned with sustainability as an organization. By choosing sustainable stand construction, this also gives your company’s image a boost. Do you want to stand out among all the sustainability violence? Then choose to have the state of sustainable materials made.

Modular stand construction for Alewijnse

Hypsos was allowed to design and build a modular stand for Alewijnse. With this stand, Alewijnse can participate in different fairs/events with the same stand design. With a modular stand, it is possible to view the composition of this stand per exhibition/event. You do this by combining, adding or omitting different parts so your stand always fits and never loses its look or feel.

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stand for alewijnse

Interested in design for modular stand construction?

Are you interested in / have questions about a modular stand for your company? Then contact us and we can see with a cup of coffee what we can do for you.