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1910 Hypsos pand 1918

1910 - Founded in Amsterdam

Our founder, Mr. Melis, started Hypsos in Amsterdam in 1910, specializing in scale model construction. He gave the company its name, after occupying the building ‘Hypsos’ (translates: rising line) on the Passeerdersgracht. A notable commission from the early days was the harbor model of the city of Antwerp for the World Exhibition in Ghent in 1913.

1950 Hypsos Spoorlaan20 21

1950 - A move to Bilthoven

Shortly after the Second World War, Hypsos moved to Bilthoven. The company is mainly active in exhibition construction and is part of the A.P.U (General Publicity Union)

1975 Hypsos pand 5 2011

1972 - Sold in Soesterberg

In 1972 Hypsos left the A.P.U and continued as an independent company. The company is subsequently purchased through a management buyout. Shortly after, the team left Bilthoven and moved to a new building in Soesterberg. In 1992 Hypsos was sold again to a new owner — another management buyout from within the business.

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2016 - Growth in Soesterberg

Hypsos has grown into an international company designing and building creative concepts. In 2016, Hypsos moved into a new 7200 sqm eco-friendly facility in Soesterberg, housing in-house production capabilities; design, calculation, engineering, carpentry, metalwork, painting and finishing, maintenance, logistics, transport and storage.