Hosting of AGES annual

Next year, Hypsos will be hosting the AGES annual event in Amsterdam, together with Backbone International and Losberger De Boer. 

Hypsos is a member of Ages, the Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES), a not-for-profit organization, consisting of reputable event companies and market leaders in the event industry, all having a unique track record with outstanding work experience. These global event suppliers are front runners in the development of new technology and services, ensuring a high standard of quality, secure event infrastructure and unconditional delivery reliability.

The members are established in more than 65 countries worldwide, therefore the annual event is a unique moment for the AGES members to meet, discuss and to develop initiatives.

Together, the members of AGES provide services and temporary infrastructure. AGES sets a high standard to reliability and quality of work performance and admits members who adhere to the code of ethics and professional conduct as defined by the association. With large events being awarded to countries with a young event industry, AGES understands its educational responsibility and supports organizers and local event suppliers in the planning and delivery process.

AGES annual event 2020 will be hosted by:


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