Brand experience centers

In addition to the Internet, TV and radio, a tangible environment is the place to engage customers or consumers emotionally in the brand!

Hypsos devises and directs brand experiences that increase brand awareness of your brand and create experiences that will affect your target group, creating even more involvement between visitors and brand. The ultimate goal of this is to add value to the brand, product or service.

Brand experience through a brand experience is the way to make a real impact on your target group.

That is why we provide a surprising design for the brand experience and the right combination of various presentation techniques such as multimedia, interactivity, theatrical presentation elements, a lighting plan and of course interior elements that make the space a coherent whole.

Our expertise within brand experiences

We offer entrepreneurial management and creative design for all challenges in terms of time, budget, technology and the environment with the ultimate goal of creating a great world-class experience.

  • worldwide present

  • Entrepreneurial management

  • International first-class manufacture

  • Great problem solving capacity

Selection of brand experiences by Hypsos

Why choose Hypsos?

The Hypsos group offers first-class international manufacturing and design development for interiors, operating from offices in 6 countries around the world: the U.A.E., the Netherlands, UK, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

With a clear and effective design development and production strategy, Hypsos was responsible for countless first-class brand experience, showrooms and Brand centers.

Hypsos is known for its expertise in Design Development, Value Engineering and the flawless execution of its projects. A strong project management team, a decentralized organizational structure and seamless cooperation with local partners and stakeholders are essential aspects to achieve this.

Hypsos creates unique brand experiences that are precisely aimed at communicating the brand message from customers to a large audience, so that the business-to-business possibilities are maximized.

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How do we work at Hypsos

With brand experiences, we form a solid group of companies, each offering their specialized services for the benefitof the experience.  This is about human relationships, openness in sharing experiences. Have faith in each other. Because we have worked together in various projects before, we know what each company and team is capable of doing.

What we offer:

  • Great resolution to keep the design afloat at all times during the realization phase.
  • The same production people during preparation, assembly
  • Transparent and regular communication with the customer and reporting to the customer
  • Knowledge of local rules
  • Good and tight production planning
  • High level of service
  • Constant high quality of every part and ultimately the end product
  • International experience in the field of interior works and local knowlegde

What can we do for you?

Well-known architects and design agencies such as KossmandeJong and RAA New York have already found their way to our Hypsos offices with full-service manufacturing and construction facilities.

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