Feadship at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018

The Monaco Yacht Show is one of the worlds greatest superyacht event. Each year, the MYS curates the exhibition of 125+ extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards and welcomes 590 leaders from the yachting industry.

Feadship regularly takes part in boat shows and other high-end events around the world. Set in Iconic ports around the world, these boat shows are to admire, visit and purchase extraordinary superyachts built by the worlds most respected shipyards. Like Feadship. all boats in their fleet set a new standard in terms of craftsmanship, design, engineering and construction. Their stand presentations at boat shows are of equally high quality.

Hypsos has executed the stand presentation of Feadship using top quality materials and top level finishing, enabling for Feadship to display their latest innovations in yachting technology to exclusive groups of visitors.

Brand Experience for BAS Trucks

Brand Experience for BAS Trucks, Europe’s largest used truck dealer. To keep track of their growth BAS Trucks recently completely renovated and expanded their headquarters in Veghel, the Netherlands.

At their headquarters BAS Trucks made space for a brand experience, the enhance the ‘live contact’ with the customer even more. This was supposed to be a real experience for their customers, finding answers to their every question in their surch for used trucks.
As operations manager Bas Trucks, Theo van Kempen states: ‘ the customer journey begins online, but also in our headquarters, we want to be able to offer our customer an optimal experience’.

Hypsos designers developed the total concept including the idea for the extension of the property for BAS Trucks. In the subsequent phase Hypsos has produced the interior for the experience and the restaurant, both with the same purpose; offering the visitor the possibility to completely immerse in the world of BAS Trucks. Here is the choice for a truck or bus including all sorts of options is presented to the customer as a total package.

Pop-up for Lexus

Each new car model, before being introduced to the public, is introduced first to all connected car importers. Similarly for the new Lexus, for which Hypsos has developed a pop-up, which will serve as a tool to support the sale of this new model.

During a big event where Lexus importers from Europe come together, this car was beautifully presented in this new pop-up environment. Importers could take note of it at this event and among other things test driving the latest Lexus models. Hypsos has developed and build this pop-up presentation, creating a high-quality, luxurious look, which fits well with the Lexus image.

In addition, materials have been selected carefully to be able to build up the pop-up in a short amount of time.

Hypsos and the Holland Heineken House

During the Winter Games in South-Korea, the Holland Heineken House was once again the beating heart of the Dutch sports world.

Hypsos has been working on the construction of the Holland Heineken House which opened its doors on the 9th of February 2018 at the start of the Olympic Winter Games.
Located near the Olympic Park in Gangneung, where also the skating venues are, the Holland Heineken House was again the place where sport can be experienced and where many Dutch successes were celebrated.
For more than 25 years, the Holland Heineken House is the official national house of the Netherlands where Dutch Olympic Sport committee NOC * NSF is the host and Heineken the organizer.
For the athletes it’s a piece of ‘Orange’ in the far East; a pleasant and familiar place where they can feel at home and meet their family, friends and fans. Fans of TeamNL can watch matches here and in the evening attend celebrations and enjoy performances by various artists.

In the 2018 Winter Games Hypsos has been working on four hospitality experiences including the Holland Heineken House.

Concept design brand experience World Event

The design concept is based on the ice theme; typically Dutch and inextricably linked to orange success during the Games. The result is an ice theme that can be seen throughout the house. The texture of the ice lends itself perfectly to the design and this is translated to all expressions in the house.

Full service from concept creation to realisation

Heineken has asked Hypsos to realize the complete interior of the Holland Heineken House, including furniture, graphic decorations and signing on the outside. In the national house there are spaces for athletes, sponsors, dining facilities, media facilities, information desks, shops and facilities for NOC * NSF and Heineken. Of course there is also the Medal Ceremony Hall where the medal ceremonies of the athletes and performances of artists take place.

Our challenges and strength

Hypsos is known for its strength in design development and the flawless realization of its projects. A strong project management team, a decentralized organizational structure and seamless cooperation with local partners from its own network are essential aspects to achieve this.

Eric Beekmans, responsible project manager at Hypsos explains:”The correct interpretation of creative design, design development, is a very essential link for moving from a creative design to a clear and feasible plan towards the local production partner.”

The cyclical nature of the Games, as with the World Expo and World Cup football, brings our team to new countries and cultures.

Our challenges

  • Bridging cultural differences

  • Introducing specialist product knowledge

  • International and local logistics

Our strengh

  • Linking in projectmanagement

  • Strong international network

  • Solution-oriented and ready for every challenge

Seal care center ‘A Seal Stellendam’

Stranded or sick seals are collected and cared for at A Seal in Stellendam, the Netherlands. Since the foundation in the summer of 2014, A Seal has already taken care of, cared for and released more than 80 sick seals.

In addition to the seal care center, there is also an interactive exhibition where visitors can go on a voyage of discovery to learn everything about saving humans and animals.

Hypsos has built and placed a number of separate exhibits for this section of the public to the ideas and designs of Twain Media. First of all a periscope, where visitors can choose a video to look around 360˚ inside. In addition, a boat in which visitors can sit to make a trip over the water, feeling the vibration of the engine, the waves and the wind through their hair. Finally, a nice piece of optical illusion. A 3-D painting, in which the protruding parts appear to be furthest away.