Innovative Pavilion of the Netherlands at Expo 2017

On June 10, the Expo 2017 opened its doors in Astana, Kazakhstan. On 113 hectares of land, the 2017 Expo is held, where about 115 countries and 22 international organizations participate. The theme of this year is ‘Future Energy’.

The main objective of the exhibition is to raise responsibility that promotes discussion and stimulates the development of knowledge that allows people to control the energy use on our planet and minimize damage to the environment.

The theme of the Dutch pavilion is “Low Country, High Energy” and let all the visitors know the typical Dutch Mindset, how that mindset has driven the Dutch to innovate and discover what role the Netherlands plays in the energy transition. Issues such as climate change, the reduction of CO2 emissions, new forms of energy, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, energy security, energy production and storage and renewable energy.

The visitors of the Dutch Pavilion are immersed in a spatial representation of the character of the Netherlands; An visyal language that refers to Dutch icons, Dutch thinking and Dutch Design.

Hypsos has in collaboration with Partner for Creative Services, made a surprising design for the Dutch Pavilion. Under the leadership of creative director Melle Pama and his team of Expo pavilion group / gestalt, a distinctive and remarkable pavilion has been created.  Hypsos has final responsibility, as general contractor, for the concept, design and realisation of this Pavilion.

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Huhtamaki at the Interpack

Early May, Huhtamaki, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative packaging solutions worldwide, presented itself at the Interpack, the international platform for the largest and most important trade fair for the packaging industry in Düsseldorf.

Huhtamaki wants to show that it is all about building brands, protecting reputation and opening up new opportunities in new markets. They work all over the world to establish long-term partnerships with their customers as they develop and grow. Huhtamaki shows their product offering and present their new brand identity, translated by Hypsos in the stand design at Interpack.

Hypsos has developed the stand design and build the stand booth. In the centre of the stand a beautiful eyecetcher is placed do show examples of their product packagings. The Huhtamaki stand is surrounded by people, who visualize the cooperation Huhtamaki has with its customers to develop innovative packaging solutions that deliver meaningfull brand experience for consumers.

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ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament 2017

ABN AMRO uses the unique link link between knowledge, in the form of seminars, games and entertainment, and top-class tennis.

This year, the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament was held from 13 to 19 February in Ahoy Rotterdam. Part of this was the Game Wall, which shows visitors it isn’t that easy to be a tennis ball child. The Ball children are the heroes of the tournament. Who plays the game well, win great prizes, including VIP tickets for the final of the WTT. The Game Wall was previously build-up in the Hague, Central train station.

To promote the campaign ABN AMRO campaign & More, visitors could try the Virtual Reality game and win different prizes, if they could guess how often they were encountered while the word & More during a virtual ride in the roller coaster.

Hypsos produced both the Game Wall and the Virtual Reality room at the WTT and at various other locations in the Netherlands.

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Nespresso at Horecava

Modular stand construction at Horecava

Nespresso presents its wide range of coffee machines here for professional use.

Last week, trade show Horecava took place in the RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam. Nespresso presents its wide range of coffee machines here for professional use. Their goal was to demonstrate their sustainable process of making coffeebeans from coffeeberry to the actual cup of coffee.

This sustainable process from coffee berries to a cup of coffee is reflected clearly in the graphic layout of the stand, making use of transparent printed cloths, which give the stand its open character.
Much attention has been paid to the right, atmospheric exposure. Many floating effects with LED lights have been chosen, copper accents in the frame of the stand, lamps and trendy accessories, which all provide a warm appearance, which is one of the core values of Nespresso.

Of course, ‘tasting’ is key issue at the stand. All Nespresso machines from the program business solutions were clearly presented and were used to demonstrate and taste coffee from. Bartenders on the stand presented the most outspoken and innovative recipes.

Hypsos has developed the designs and executed the stand construction of both Nespresso presentations.

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Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library Opens in Turkey

Named after Turkey’s 11th President, the new museum located in Kayseri was opened by current President Recep Erdoğan in December 2016.

Taking visitors on a journey through the political history of Turkey since 1950, the museum and library is housed in a former power plant building of the Sumerbank Textile Factory that dates to 1933.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates was responsible for the exhibition design of the 1500 m2 museum. The specially renovated exhibition spaces span three floors and feature eight thematic areas. Modern display techniques and imaginative use of audiovisual media, such as high lanterns and a motion-activated media presentation are used to bring Turkey’s history to life and engage visitors, both young and old.

Hypsos was responsible for design development and physical production of the exhibition, with key elements mocked up 1:1 at the Hypsos factory in Soesterberg. Hypsos also supplied and installed exhibition lighting and audio-visual hardware.

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Audi Pop-up shop in city centre of Utrecht

On December 1st , Audi opened the pop-up store #UNTAGGABLE in the city centre of Utrecht, right in front of the Bijenkorf, a large luxury shopping-chain in the Netherlands.

Shoppers in the city centre of Utrecht can just walk into the new Audi pop-up store and check out the new Audi Q2.

The theme of the pop-up store is #UNTAGGABLE and store visitors can check out the brand new Audi Q2. In addition, by means of Virtual Reality, the visitors can experience the Audi Q2 in a whole different, yet very exciting way. The pop-up store is also filled with all kind of fun Audi gifts for the holidays. The visitors will be “brainwashed” with the Audi brand and walk away with the feeling what it is like to drive and experience Audi. The experience is literally and figuratively “Untaggable”.

Hypsos produced the designs for the Audi pop-up store and provided the complete execution. Hypsos has put down a unique brand experience in a shop and gave both the interior as well as the exterior of the shop a complete make-over in just two days.

Address of the Audi pop-up store: Lange Viestraat in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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FIFA World Football Museum

The FIFA World Football Museum opened to the public in February 2016. Located in downtown Zurich, Switzerland, the Museum has become a city landmark and a worldwide destination for football fans.

In addition to its permanent collection and various activities, the FIFA World Football Museum will organise up to three temporary exhibitions per year with the aim to preserve the rich heritage of football and show how the game continues to connect and inspire the world. The Museum wants these exhibitions to be exciting, colourful, of varied topics and with a strong narrative in which football is the main theme.

The first of this series of temporary exhibitions launched in September 2016 with the theme ‘Brazil 2014 Revisited’. Hypsos executed this temporary exhibition, under the authority and to the design of Ralph Appelbaum Associates, including steelworks, graphics, showcases and AV-hardware.

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Introduction Super Car at Paris Motorshow

At the Paris Motor Show the press introduction of the new electric super car of the Japanese car brand GLM just took place and the electric super car has been officially revealed.

The concept car was placed in a setting of a circle of broken mirrors.

The Paris Motor show is open to the public on Saturday 1 October.

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MINI Brand Store in Amsterdam City Centre

The MINI Brand Store in Amsterdam is the business card of this iconic British car brand in the Netherlands. Here, right in the centre of Amsterdam, car enthusiasts can experience the MINI brand and admire and purchase MINI models and lifestyle products.

MINI requested Hypsos to upgrade the existing MINI Brand Store at the Leidseplein Square – with its theaters, cinemas, cafes, nearby casino and clubs – and bring more colour and fun into the environment. Hypsos designed several separate elements to increase the fun element: each MINI item deserves its own stage! Walls in the brand store now have large graphics and have been adjusted for a better presentation of the MINI lifestyle products. With these upgrades, the MINI Brand store continues to be suitable for use as an event venue.

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Environmental Education Centre in Hong Kong

The Sludge Treatment Facility in Hong Kong is a project funded by the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong Government is one of the largest and most advanced facilities of it’s kind and an international showcase for incineration technology.

A key feature is the 800m2 Environmental Education Centre, which focuses on the story of the Sludge Treatment Facility, explaining the need for, the technology behind, and the operation of the facility. The exhibition features a mix of multimedia programs, interactive models and static displays, with a tablet controlled tour program in 3 languages. Visitors to the Education Centre include school groups, local residents and tourists.

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Design development

The Hypsos role in the project was design development of the exhibition, interior fit out works, development of AV and multimedia programs, provision and installation of AV hardware, development, fabrication and programming of interactive models, fabrication and installation of exhibit casework and production and installation of graphics.