How to stay in contact with your clients, despite the cancellation of trade shows The corona crisis has slowed down business and now many trade shows have been postponed this fall – how do you get in touch with your relations? What are your opportunities, your options … Contact with your relations is also possible […]

Trade show during coronavirus How to shift your strategy. Everything has changed. Events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, but that end is in sight due to the extension of the ban on meetings. 

Hypsos & coronavirus measures Soesterberg, 18 March 2020 Now that we are all following the Dutch Health guidelines from the RIVM to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, we realize even more how vital live communication is in our lives. On the one hand, we get more time for our individual […]

Hosting of AGES annual Next year, Hypsos will be hosting the AGES annual event in Amsterdam, together with Backbone International and Losberger De Boer. 

Rugby World Cup 2019 Yesterday the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan started. World-class sports provide guests with the experience of witnessing the passion and electricity surrounding the world-class athletic competition, like the Rugby World Cup. 

Trade shows in Brazil FI South America 2019 just opened its doors in São Paulo.  Present is GNT Brasil, the local office of GNT Group, supplying EXBERRY®, displaying its natural colors for food and beverages at FI. GNT is the global market leader in providing “Colouring Foods” in foods, and a reliable partner for the […]