With the construction of the new Hypsos building in the Netherlands close to completion, our Hypsos designers are finishing the final touches for our new office layout. The concept is based on the the strong belief that the design should provide spaces that encourage great results through close cooperation.

Hypsos staff regularly work in every corner of the world. Coming back to the office should feel like coming home. That office should radiate a warm and hospitable atmosphere, therefore materials and elements suchs as timber, green plants and lots of light were choosen to create the environment.

At Hypsos we work well individually and collectively as part of our team approach, switching easily between teams as projects demand.  Our new meeting areas include comfortable living room style spaces for relaxed dialogue and also areas specifically laid out to promote quick stand up consultations, when fast decisions need to be made. With these flexible working spaces, staff can choose to meet wherever is most practical.

In addition to the interior design, Hypsos will produce and install the office interior. We will make the move to the new Hypsos building in the Netherlands in mid November.

Our address will be: Centurionbaan 220, 3769 AV Soesterberg. Tel. +31 0346 357500.

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