In the Dutch city of Eindhoven this year’s edtion of the Dutch Design Week took place, a large-scale and international event around design in all its forms.

This year, during the Dutch Design Week, Smurfit Kappa organized the Design Challenge, where recently graduated art and design students of ArtEZ Institute of the arts were given the task to look for creative and possibly even ground-breaking application possibilities for paper and cardboard. The designs were presented at the Dutch Design Week from the 21st till the 29th of October 2017.

The same bounderies of creativity were pushed for the physical presentation of Smurfit Kappa at the Dutch Design Week which of course had to be made of cardboard. Hypsos has experimented with this material using a stand design with a span of 10 meters.  The stand construction experience of Hypsos combined with the innovative design, has created an extremely remarkable presentation of cardboard that gained lots of attention during the Dutch Design Week and formed a fitting centre between all shown creativity.


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