Dieseko Group, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic vibratory hammers, participates in the Bauma in Munich, a leading trade fair for the construction industry. Bauma is the head quarters of one of the world’s most exciting trade fairs for heavy machinery, visitors are planning to do business, also engineers and people from research and development departments visit Bauma. The development of new techniques attracts a lot of potential customers.

Hypsos has designed a pavilion for Dieseko Group at Bauma, in cooperation with The Boer Tenten, built and and decorated the presentation on the outside area of the Munich Exhibition Centre, in order for Dieseko to present themselves optimally. The theme was ‘ Global Performance ‘, which was represented with an interactive globe and various graphics panels.  At Bauma, Dieseko Group was host for 60 dealers and their customers.

That the presentation was successful, evidenced by the high sales of vibratory hammers and cranes at the fair!