For the 2011 Beijing International Book Fair, The Netherlands was the guest Country of Honour. It was only fitting that Hypsos was chosen to work with designers Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder to develop, fabricate and install the 1500 m2 Open Landscape-Open Book exhibition area, one of the largest at the fair.

Thematic areas devoted to authors and genres were defined by low lying landscape walls that signified the low lying dykes which are such an important characteristic of the Dutch landscape. Visitors could find familiar icons of Dutch literature, such as Miffy as immortalized by Dick Bruna, and were introduced to new authors, cartoonists and illustrators.
The floating landscape was centred and defined by a suspended “cloud” made from over 1600 strips of dyed Chinese silk, with concealed lighting and fans to create subtle depth and movement. Underneath were meeting areas for Dutch publishers, allowing an intimate yet open venue to present Dutch literature to exhibition visitors. A lecture area and a bookshop completed the installation that further enhanced the close relationships between China and The Netherlands.