Hypsos created the world’s first eco-friendly booth of 100% Smurfit Kappa cardboard!

When Smurfit Kappa, one of the world leading producers of paper-based packaging, asks you to create their exhibition booth for the Dutch Design Week, most design, fabrication, interior and booth producers wouldn’t think twice.

When Smurfit Kappa asks you to make that same booth and make it out of 100% paper and cardboard materials and create the most sustainable booth existing until today, many had turned down the offer. Especially since there were only 4 weeks left until the Dutch Design Week would start and the eco-friendly exhibition design had to be ready for show time.

An eco-friendly way of thinking
At Hypsos we like the way Smurfit Kappa thinks. It is new, it is raw; exactly like their materials. And, of course, this way of thinking is much healthier for our planet. Because their basic materials consist of recycled material which after use are shredded and again can be produced – an infinite product life cycle. This contributes to a circular economy and this we support at Hypsos wholeheartedly.

Hypsos is committed to the environment
Hypsos stimulates innovation: pushing boundaries to reduce waste in the production process: like the Smurfit Kappa stand using recycled paper as the main material.

Lowering the footprint of the event and exhibition industry
This project will help us to work towards our mission to produce eco-friendly booths for more clients.

HYPSOS creates world-class experiences globally.
We create advanced communication with creativity and success.
Global brands find Hypsos to bring their event, exhibition or environment to life.

From 5 international offices worldwide we service the globe.
We take full responsibility in every project we take on and have our own production facilities to facilitate the most extravagant requests and queer productions.

Learn more about our sustainable construction opportunities or want a consultation to realize your trade fair participations with into reusable materials? Please contact Joel Lens, j.lens@hypsos.com or use the contactform underneath.

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