The Hong Kong Science Museum’s new Environmental Conservation Gallery opened in August 2010. The Environmental Conservation Gallery is not just about visitors understanding environmental issues; it also encourages visitors to act in positive ways to enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle.

The exhibition presents global issues in a community-oriented framework, with particular attention paid to engaging local school children. For example, local scientist Dr. Rebecca Lee, is featured in one exhibit area about climate change and describes the research she performed in the Antarctic. The exhibition makes use of non-traditional sustainable materials such as kirei board, made from stalks of the sorghum plant sourced mainly from northern China. Hypsos provided all text, graphics and audiovisual material in three languages: Cantonese with traditional characters, Mandarin with simplified characters and English.
The 530 m2 exhibition was fabricated and installed by Hypsos from a design by Northern Light. Its more than 40 interesting interactive exhibits are grouped under 10 themes related to environmental protection, including air, water, land resources, energy and waste. The exhibition also highlights the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural ecology, and provides some tips on green living.