We make stands with ‘stopping power’!

Hypsos is a full-service stand construction company with all disciplines in-house for design and construction of stands anywhere in the world.

Hypsos offers exhibitors: concept, design, production, transport and storage. Hypsos literally and figuratively speaks “the language” of exhibition organizers anywhere in the world, knows every exhibition complex and solves problems before the client experiences them at all.

Our expertise within stand construction

Full-service stand construction company means we can take care of your entire trade show participation! From advice to design, arranging all facilities at the exhibition organizers, transporting / shipping of all exhibition materials. But of course also the construction and dismantling of all your stands, anywhere in the world

Thanks to our network of own offices worldwide, we are particularly strong in building modular stands for companies that have multiple exhibitions in a year, spread across multiple continents.

  • stand design department

  • Estimation / project management

  • Own carpentry workshop and storage

  • Offices and partners available worldwide

Selection of Stands by Hypsos

Why choose Hypsos?

Why choose Hypsos?

. We develop a trade show concept in which your company is central

. We offer a booth design with clear visualisations, together with a broken quote from the booth, no surprises

. Hypsos has everything to take care of your stand from design, to production, transport, construction and storage

. Our profession means that we are available 24/7, we are always there for you

. We offer sustainable stand building solutions

. Through our offices and partnerships, we can build your stand (s) anywhere in the world

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How do we work at Hypsos

You are going to participate in a trade show, what can you expect from us
Of course we first want to know why you are going to a trade show. What are your goals, who and what do you want to achieve? Together with an introduction to your company, that is the starting point for us to create a concept and a stand design. If this is in agreement with the quotation, this will go into production with us and as soon as the set-up period of the exhibition starts, our stand builders at the trade show start building up the stand. In good consultation we deliver the stand neatly and you can run a great exhibition with your company. As soon as the exhibition closes, we are ready for completion again.

What we offer:

  • Consultation
  • Concept / 3D proposal
  • Quotation
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Phasing out
  • Storage

What can we do for you?

Through years of experience Hypsos knows how to visually visualize the story of its clients throught stand designs within every budget in a way that meets their wishes, with solutions and materials that fit the moment. With the aim of a successful exhibition participation and a message that will stay with visitors for a long time to come!

Mark Ewing

Account director