On the 18th of June, the Hong Kong Museum of Education (HKME) at the Hong Kong Institute of Education welcomed a new exhibition “Re-Encountering Confucius”. The goal of the exhibition is to provide visiting school groups with a fresh and lively approach to the 2,500 year old timeless teachings of Master Confucius.

In order to attract a younger audience through ACG (Animation, Comics, Games), the serious works of Master Confucius were given a lighthearted treatment. Working with content and artifacts provided by the curator, the co-presenter and staff of HKME, Hypsos designed, produced and installed a series of graphic elements including information panels, display cases backdrops and text and an outdoor photo wall.
The result is a lively, coherent and informative narration of Master Confucius’s life, significance and influence in our everyday lives.

The exhibition has been well received by students and local media alike and will be running through the 30th of June 2016.