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Being in business for over 20 years, difuzed mastered the craft of bringing entertainment, gaming and global brands to life. Serving as an extension of the brands, we strengthen the awareness and loyalty through top quality lifestyle products. Difuzed give their fans the perfect mix of fun, distinctiveness and quality. Their collections of apparel and accessories are unique and timeless.

Difuzed at gamescom

Difuzed develops lifestyle products for a wide range of brands for games, entertainment, fashion, sports and consumer items. They work together with retailers in all layers around the world. Including independent gaming stores, specialty stores, department stores, fashion forward, super and hyper markets. At the Gamescom they present their collection with brands relevant to this game fair to retailers.

The stand design that Hypsos has proposed is strongly based on the color yellow. This not only contrasts strongly with the black corporate identity color of Difuzed, but also stands for knowledge, wisdom, daring and creativity and fantasy. Features that fit very well with the company and the Gamescom. The design incorporates materials that will soon get a second life in the Difuzed showroom. Optimal corporate identity implementation.

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