In the heart of London at supermarket chain Tesco visitors can now digitally experience how to pour a draught beer quickly and easily and in a playful way test their beer tapping skills.

The Heineken Tap Challenge was developed by Heineken in 2009 in partnership with Hypsos and has proven since then to play an important role in stimulating the sales of the Heineken Beertender Draughtkeg. The Heineken Tap Challenge has been featured in many supermarkets around the world.

The Heineken Tap Challenge is produced by Hypsos, including the motion technology that allows shop customers to digitally tap a beer. The display features a touch screen, which when activated allows participants to hear music, talk and laughter, just like their own party, and the sound of tapping a beer. At the same time, the display shows the glass filling up and how much foam versus beer there should be. Participants then hopefully decide to enjoy even more their own real fresh draught Heineken beer at home.