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    What has changed?

Trade show during coronavirus

How to shift your strategy. Everything has changed. Events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, but that end is in sight due to the extension of the ban on meetings. 

Of course, the business community wants to be able to resume business in order to make up for the fall in turnover in the spring.

In order to take an advance on “fair participation in the corona era”, Hypsos has developed a case study on how fair participation – within the rules of RIVM – can work excellently and fortunately enable live communication for business meetings.

Ton Vogels, designer at Hypsos: set up the stand design generously and go through the checklist to see whether the stand is “corona-proof”.

Exhibition participation according to the new rules:

Before trade show opening – Explain in advance to your relations about the adjustments to your stand, so they know they can feel safe. Mention this on your site, mailings and on social media.

Ground surface – with signing you provide clarity about the walking route on the stand and indicate that you monitor 1.5 meters between stand visitors

Welcome desk – A clearly visible hostess/employee of your company greets visitors, has insight into the visitor flows at the stand and guides prospects directly to the right colleagues

Seats on the stand – equipped with Plexi or cardboard screens, good conversations can be started and business can be done.

Hygiene station – clearly display disinfection furniture on the stand where every visitor can clean his / her hands. Maybe a great start to a sales conversation!

Interested in a conversation to make your trade show participation corona-proof so you can have business flowing again.

We are ready to swoop in to help. Call or email sales manager Rachel Jankowsky, 06 22 4993 70, r.jankowsky@hypsos.com.

Hypsos Stay Safe

Hypsos has developed a plan for employers. A corona license app, signage and products such as mouth masks, registration desk, dispensers, 1.5 meter mark, etc.