Today the organisation of the Dutch Pavlion at Expo 2017 received the honorable award of the Exhibitors Magazine in the category “Best Use of Technology”.

Judges had this to say about the Netherlands Pavilion:

  • The Netherlands Pavilion’s façade was strikingly simple and so on point. The thematic, creative look and feel was consistently delivered throughout the pavilion. The holograph show was visually powerful and beautiful.
  • Simple, bright, playful graphic design that used color, contrast, and simplicity to introduce a ‘brand’ and identity to the entire pavilion experience. It was recognizable, bold, and uniquely Dutch with the future energy theme subtly weaved in.
  • The 3D holographic movie in the Netherlands pavilion was just the cherry on top of a Mondrian-inspired cake. Together, they conveyed the intelligence of the Dutch and their ability to adapt to a hostile environment of floods and climate change.
  • The multi-layer holographic 3D experienced was a visual feast while strongly supporting the expo theme. I loved the integration of the iconic Dutch elements from the entry, and their use in the presentation.
  • Excellent use of holographic 3D technology, used in several layers to achieve a unique and memorable show.
  • The flow in most 3-D experiences is the need to wear glasses or goggles, which detracts from the experience and makes the entire thing feel overwrought. This, however, was effortless, seamless, and arresting.

For the full article in Exhibitor Magazine