certified for ISO

Hypsos has been certified for ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

And why does it matter?

ISO 9001 – ISO 14001

Hypsos is certified
We are delighted to announce that Hypsos recently has been accredited with the world’s most recognized ISO certifications in two different areas:

– ISO 9001: Quality Management Certification

– ISO 140001: Environmental Management System

Achieving these ISO certifications confirm that Hypsos is looking toward the future and understands the need to continue refining our processes. Our internal processes thus met the high international standards required and sustainable practices.

With Global sustainability trends pushing forward, Hypsos can proudly display its true colors, a company that focuses on reducing our impact on the environment. Our clients benefit from a thorough Quality Management System. And by choosing us as a partner, the projects will follow an in-depth outcomes-based process, but also ones that ensure a greener tomorrow.

Our commitment to constantly delivering high-quality services and continuous improvement puts Hypsos on the forefoot with these certifications. Our focus on providing and respecting our environmental impact is commendable, and our team looks forward to keeping on this path!

We like to thank everyone for providing support and making it possible to achieve these certifications.

If you would like to discover how Hypsos can help you, contact us with your interest. We’ll be happy to discuss future opportunities.

Contact our head office at +31 0346 357500 Email: info@hypsos.museumstudio.com