Interior fit out

Hypsos has all production facilities and knowledge in-house to deliver the highest-quality bespoke interiors for office buildings, shops, banks, museums and cultural institutions.

For every interior construction project we provide guidance, we produce all interior elements and we coordinate all related interior activities such as lighting, audio visual design, multimedia. In short, we tackle the entire project to meet your requirements and meet the set deadlines.

We are unprejudiced in our choice of project furniture from any producer. This means that our designers are free to choose the right product for the right environment.

We have strategic partnerships with major producers, enabling us to work competitively and worldwide.

Hypsos regularly works with client Architects and designers to realize their designs.

Our expertise in interior design & construction

Hypsos provides full service manufacturing and building facilities for interiors:

• interior design

• calculation and planning

• project management

• architectural works

• interior production

• cost control / safety / approvals

  • worldwide present

  • Entrepreneurial management

  • International first-class manufacture

  • Great problem solving capacity

Selection of Interior projects by Hypsos

Why choose Hypsos?

In interior fit out, working with Hypsos means that you have a partner:

• who is strong in translating from concept to realization.

• who has a multidisciplinary solution-oriented approach

• who is able to monitor the budget and maintain high quality

• able to make material choices that have a high user-friendliness

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How do we work at Hypsos

• Office interior
Once requirements are established, we design the most suitable office environment, taking into account all factors such as culture, brand, technology and facility management.

• Retail interior
Whether it concerns a one-off store project or the redesign of a complete store formula or, for example, pop-ups stores in Tax Free Areas at airports around the world. This is all the work of Hypsos.

• Showroom
A good showroom is the perfect place for good advice. Hypsos designs and builds modern, highly informative showrooms – they will sell! From a showroom, a reception desk to carrying out a complete rebranding of offices, lies within the expertise of Hypsos.

What can we do for you?

Well-known architects and design agencies such as KossmandeJong and RAA New York have already found their way to our Hypsos offices with full-service manufacturing and construction facilities.

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