BAUMA is the largest trade fair in the world that brings together the construction machinery industry in its entire width and depth. JLG, a leading manufacturer of lift equipment, shows at the BAUMA how they are redefining the industry and pushing it forward with their impressive arrangement of lift equipment and innovative technology solutions.

BAUMA’s worldwide appeal offers JLG the opportunity to speak to many existing and new relationships and to show them innovative equipment and inform them about new developments.

During the day, guests are warmly welcomed in the beautiful hospitality room on the first floor, which even has a large terrace that offers a beautiful view of the BAUMA. In the evening, the stand is transformed into an event location that offers space for a theme party for JLG guests.

By invitation JLG takes their visitors along in an immense so-called “Black Box” where a custom-made audio and light show explains JLG’s vision for the future.

This project started for Hypsos end last year, being challenged to work with a fixed budget. Due to time and budget restrictions, the Hypsos team decided to work with a reversed approach, in which at first choices were made in the use of materials. With these building blocks, the Hypsos designer fine-tuned the stand design, which resulted in a beautiful exhibition presentation that fitted perfectly to the way JLG wanted to communicate with the guests of the BAUMA.