Who loves working with numbers as much as meeting and negotiating with subcontractors

Hypsos is a leading company in the field of temporary events and permanent exhibitions and interior design in museums and science centers around the world. We deliver turnkey solutions in close cooperation with international design firms that create narrative spaces.

Hypsos is the single point of contact for all disciplines that are part of the project scope.

We realize complete visitor journeys through digital interactives based on advanced media technologies.

Job description Junior Estimator

We are looking for a motivated junior estimator to join our team. You will receive further training internally from experienced colleagues so that you can properly perform your role and responsibilities.

In this position, you will be responsible for surveying projects, estimating labour and materials costs, next to communicating and advising financial cost and project timelines to business unit and project managers internal helping them to win their bids. You should have a keen attention to detail and skills at estimating projects from a bird’s-eye view to set our client’s expectations accurately.

Who you are:

  • You must be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree preferred in engineering, construction science or similar relevant field
  • You are numerically strong
  • You have the ability and willingness to work both independently and as part of a team

Also the following strengths should be incorporated into your business skills:

  • Interpersonal communication, both written and verbal
  • Critical thinking, analytical, and organizational skills
  • Time management

Your daily work:

Most bids you work on are submitted in competition were budget is a large part of the tender award, in addition quality is also considered alongside the price, so the winning bid isn’t always the cheapest one. Therefore you not only need to submit budgetary costs and analysis, but often submit a quality report too, which you may have helped to write. As an junior estimator you will be involved in small, one-off projects, or larger, long-term projects which may run over multiple years.

As an estimator, your typical day may include:

  • Clarifying the client’s needs and expectations and fulfil project and tender deadline in a timely manner;
  • Assess projects by identifying project requirements; regarding quality, timelines, and you will budget labour and cost of materials;
  • Analyzing plans, work drawings and other project documentation in order to estimate costs;
  • Read blueprints and analyse all other applicable documents to prepare estimates;
  • Collaborate with (sub) contractors, engineers, suppliers, designers and architects during estimate creation to ensure overall accuracy;
  • Calculating the cost of materials, transport, labour and equipment (hire);
  • Be owner of the entire process of calculations, analysis, and adjustment of estimates;
  • Compiling RFQ’s to obtain bids from suppliers in close collaboration with our procurement department;
  • Present estimates to internal clients within the set time frame;
  • Recommend cost-reduction options;
  • Conducting regular risk assessments;
  • Assist sales team in final tender preparation;
  • Maintain thorough records of all project documentation, including drawing and quotations;
  • Create Project Cost Management Document for Project Management;
  • Making use of specific estimating software and have a firm grasp of general software such as Excel;
  • Keeping up to date with inflation, exchange rates and projected timescale costs.

Personal skills:

  • You are fluent in English (common working language) and Dutch in both speech and writing with excellent writing skills;
  • You are preferably available immediately.

Salary depending on education and experience.

React to this vacancy?

If you respond, do not send a standard letter but a good motivation about who you are and why you can play this wonderful role. Also, indicate which knowledge and experience are still missing and in which you still need to develop.

Still something for you? Send your motivation, photo and CV to Jelleke de Vries, HR Advisor: recruitment@hypsos.com.
Clearly describe in your resume which projects you have led and which role, actions and end results you have achieved.

Of course you can get more information about the job before you decide to apply. Just call for more information to Corina van Piggelen, Procurement and Estimations Manager, 06-53869903 or sent an email to recruitment@hypsos.com for a tour in our company, a cup of coffee and a conversation about your chances at Hypsos.

On our website you will find examples of projects that we devise, design and make.

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