At the World Economic Forum in Davos the World Food Programme presented their new campaign ‘Healthy Not Hungry’, the WFP’s action plan to fight for a healthy world without hunger.

The ‘Healthy not Hungry dinner’ of WFP opened with a live stream from Jamie Oliver and singer Shakira to call attention to this theme. During this network dinner with 5 well-known chefs from the world, each accounted for a dish of the dinner, the attending multinationals explained their contribution to a world without hunger.  

Hypsos provided a temporary, multifunctional accommodation of more than 500 m2 including presentation, meeting and dinner spaces, an internet café and a kitchen where dinners for up to 160 persons were prepared. 

Hypsos signed for the design and realization of this event decor and all the audiovisual resources, both for DSM/WFP as for the ‘Accenture The Circular Awards 2017’ which were prior to this dinner.