Business Unit Manager (BUM) HYPSOS

Business Unit Manager (BUM) HYPSOS

Exhibitions & World Events

Your role within Hypsos will be one of the Business Unit Managers (BUM). Our business unit managers will be responsible individually and collectively for the current business units which include:

  • Museums
  • Exhibitions & World Events
  • Brand Experience & Corporate Interior
  • Production & Warehousing
  • AV system design and lighting

Each Business Unit Manager will report directly to the Managing Director, however all management that sits within the Business Unit will have its own hierarchy and reporting up to you. We anticipate up to 5 direct reports to you, however it is your responsibility to design a reporting structure for your business unit which works for the business, manages each person and provides the correct guidance and training necessary. You will be ultimately responsible for your entire team.

Your role is one of leadership, you are responsible for your unit and its ultimate success within the organization, working closely with the Senior Management Team to achieve the company objectives, meet the business plan and future vision. The Senior Management Team have developed an executive plan, which you will be required to follow and actively encourage others to do so too. As a manager you will be a figurehead, less senior members will look up to, for guidance and advice, therefore your positive and proactive view of the company, its systems and protocols are essential.

As a Business Unit Manager, you will be challenged daily you will be required to think creatively and strategically, but above all in the best interests of the company and our collective goal to retain a good sustainable profitability, growth over the coming years, along with maintaining our excellent reputation and passion for quality. You will be required to work both individually and as part of a team. Although you will be active for a specific Business Unit, you will on occasion be required to support and help other Business Units if necessary and if directed by the senior management team.

As the Business Unit Manager, you are required to effectively communicate the expectations and vision of Hypsos to the business unit team, motivate, encourage and develop your team to support each other, work and collectively think as a team. The mark of success will be strategic high performance and results, contributing to the general growth of the company.

You will be responsible for effectively managing a wide, varied range of activities and tasks which are broadly set out below.


  • Business Unit Manager
  • Exhibition and World Events


  • Business Unit Manager
  • This is one of two primary roles and our vision and your responsibilities includes:
    o Strategically plan and develop your business unit and actively pass on positive outcomes to assist and develop other business units
    o Delivery of the sales and profit targets set out by the senior management team for your business unit.
    o Manage, develop and improve the Business Unit Team, working collectively in unison and harmony.
    o Incorporation of policies and procedures which have been established by the business
    o Positively promote the company, its policies and system both internally and externally.
  • Exhibitions and World Events
  • This is one of two primary roles and our vision and your responsibilities includes:
    • Actively take responsibility for each project delivered by your business unit
    • Deliver high quality projects and services to our clients
    • Develop and maintain positive and professional relationships with existing and new clients alike
    • Incorporation of policies and procedures which have been established by the business


Leading by example: Developing, guiding and motivating the team from within.

High stress tolerance During high pressure or chaos the BUM can stay calm and radiate this to the team, keep overview and have a rational approach to the situation. Independent and confident in decision making.

Ability to innovate The BUM can rethink the status quo and, together with others, find new ways to organise or execute the work.

Strategic thinking The BUM can envision the “big picture” and work towards it while keeping their day-to-day objectives at the forefront. Always thinking ahead, he can present goals and motivate others to meet those goals at a high level of performance.

Analytical The BUM is able to make a thorough analyses of various types of information.

Achiever The BUM is able to take full responsibility for his/her own actions and results. Not hesitant to take risk or make faults.

Cooperate Fostering cooperation among individuals and departments in the areas of sharing resources and information and working together to accomplish group goals. Problems are solved by mutual agreement. The escalation line is to the Managing Director.

Communicative The BUM is able to exhibit effective listening skills and superb communication skills. Actively seek feedback and receive it in a non-defensive manner.


  1. Master’s Degree in Engineering, Finance/Accounting or Business Management
  2. Six to eight years broad work-related experience preferred in: financial, sales, project management, engineering and business management fields
  3. Experience specific to the industry you are applying within
  4. Proven ability to motivate teams to achieve high standards and accomplish set outcomes

Salary depending on education and experience.

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