Our History

Hypsos opened its doors in 1910.


We’ve come a long way since Hypsos founder Mr Melis opened his company specialized in scale model construction in Amsterdam back in 1910. Along the way we’ve built an extraordinary portfolio of exhibitions, expos, attractions, museums, events, retail environments, interiors and all manner of experiences for some of the world’s biggest companies. An extraordinary body of work delivered by an extraordinary team.

We built our future vision upon our strong heritage and pedigree as ‘builders’. We will always be proud of our building prowess and the dedication, craft and skill it requires.


Today we are well on our way to becoming a leading global experiential design & build firm in each of our targeted global sectors – Corporate, Culture and Retail services– with each of these sectors now supported by dedicated and highly experienced sector business units all working towards the achievement of clear global and local sector targets as part of the overall Hypsos worldwide company.


We will not stop growing; besides our offices in London, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, global coverage is already within our scope trough collaboration with business partners. Our aim however is to have local Hypsos managers in all mayor growing economies like Brazil, India and South-East Asia.

We consider the design through each stage from every angle and most importantly from the view of the visitor.

In the future we will transform our clients businesses by delivering smarter experiential creativity. But of course we’re still builders at heart and we our future and focus will always be to build and deliver the best brand experiences around the globe.

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