Replicas of nine masterpieces of Van Gogh are on display in the Pop-up exhibit at the King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia, USA. On the 16th of August the official opening by the great grandnephew Willem van Gogh, took place With a lot of press coverage, like from NBC and Fox News.

The Van Gogh Museum and Retail is Detail, specialist in retail and pop up, have partnered for the realization of this a travelling Cultural-Pop Up. The aim is to make the general public aware of the Masterpieces by Vincent  Van Gogh by showing 9 of the world famous works, realized through the so-called Relievo technique, in shopping malls. Retail is Detail also signed for the design.

Retail is Detail has succeeded to come to an agreement on behalf of the Van Gogh Museum with two leading USA Mall corporations namely Simon Property Group  and Taubman. The seven planned Museum POP Ups are scheduled for some of the leading US malls in their portfolio’s.

The Museum Tour will continue thereafter to the unique Short Hills Mall , New Jersey, where the presentation will open on the 1st Of December 2018.

To the designs of Retail is Detail, Hypsos is managing and building this whole tour throughout the United States including the installation and dismantling of this Cultural Pop Up for Van Gogh.