Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library Opens in Turkey

Named after Turkey’s 11th President, the new museum located in Kayseri was opened by current President Recep Erdoğan in December 2016.

Taking visitors on a journey through the political history of Turkey since 1950, the museum and library is housed in a former power plant building of the Sumerbank Textile Factory that dates to 1933.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates was responsible for the exhibition design of the 1500 m2 museum. The specially renovated exhibition spaces span three floors and feature eight thematic areas. Modern display techniques and imaginative use of audiovisual media, such as high lanterns and a motion-activated media presentation are used to bring Turkey’s history to life and engage visitors, both young and old.

Hypsos was responsible for design development and physical production of the exhibition, with key elements mocked up 1:1 at the Hypsos factory in Soesterberg. Hypsos also supplied and installed exhibition lighting and audio-visual hardware.

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