Attune Knee System Experience

DePuy Synthes, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, has developed a new knee replacement system. In one of the largest research and development projects undertaken by DePuy Synthes, this new artificial knee system meets the ever-growing demand for artificial joints. Due to longer life expectancy and the desire of people to stay active longer, this is a huge growth market with a lasting demand for innovation.

To introduce the ‘Attune Knee System Experience’ internationally, DePuy Synthes approached Hypsos to develop a creative proposal. In this experience, hospital directors, surgeons, orthopedists and buyers will attend presentations that will show all facets of the new knee system, including the operation methodology.

The experience is presented with clean high-gloss white walls and displays with pink LED edge lighting, following the color of the Attune logo.

An interactive screen provides information about the new product and can be used for presentations. iPads are built into the walls to provide individual explanations. During presentations, blinds featuring large brand images lower and cover the windows.

Hypsos was responsible for the design and execution of the interior and provision of all graphic expressions, lighting, AV and multimedia.

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