Car of the Century Exposition in Amsterdam

In the 1980s the idea arose to organize an election for the car of the century.
An elaborate and formal process for the decision of the century car was devised. This process began in October 1996, when the COTC Organizing Committee proposed a list of 700 vehicles as candidates for the award, which their experts had selected from recommendations from the auto industry and auto clubs.

Hypsos had the honour to conceptualize and organize the exhibition. To design a show with 100 unique and high-value cars on display. Showcasing the cars, explaining their historical importance and making sure their safety was guaranteed. The value of many cars was enormous, such as the Cadilac Voyage previously flown from Canada, which was worth 1 million euros.

The first exhibition, the premiere show, was held in the RAI Amsterdam. After this show, all cars and exhibition material were shipped to many locations around the world, including Toronto.

In 1999 the ultimate winner was announced in Las Vegas, the Ford Model T.

Full service from concept creation to realisation

Hypsos has developed the concept for the exhibition of the 100 nominated cars, with the idea of ​​taking a tour of 10-30 world cities. Hypsos has provided production for the basic exhibition and building-up the show in cities worldwide.

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