Museum for Communication (COMM) in The Hague

Museum of communication where you can experience the impact of communication.

Starting out as a place where the history and collection for communications by post, telephone and telegraph was on show, the Museum for Communication (COMM) in The Hague has evolved into an institution presenting history of communication of the last hundred years by tracing the most important developments in the field and explaining an impact new communication tools have on our daily lives. 

Commissioned by Perspekt Studios, Hypsos was selected from the very beginning as a key partner in the project through project management management, engineering consultancy and pre-selection of suppliers. Beyond that Hypsos was thereafter appointed to complete exhibition design, based on an exhibition concept by Perspekt Studio (NL), and deliver complete exhibition, including content, graphics, AV and lighting. Hypsos also coordinated with renovation architects and builders to ensure infrastructure compatibility with exhibit functions.

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