Meander Medical Center

Hypsos has developed the so-called Stay Safe program for hospitals, offices and shops to be able to follow the strict dutch RIVM rules, due to COVID-19. One of the companies for which Hypsos applies the RIVM rules is the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort.

Mid-April we started building a semi-permanent triage space in front of the hospital entrance. By working at night with a team of highly skilled carpenters, we were able to guarantee that the triage could be put into use the next day without any disruption. We have furnished this space ready-to-go, including walls, counters, protective screens, ramps for hospital beds and all signage both inside and outside the hospital.

In recent months, we have applied various products in this hospital: we have installed extra protective screens, installed cardboard partitions, placed partitions between waiting benches. In addition, a so-called “ambu location” is being realized, in which the semi-permanent tents are being replaced by a more permanent space.

Constantly thinking on the spot about an action plan, making a proposal, sketching out and then implementing the interior fit-out without causing any inconvenience, that is what we do for Meander.

What is a Triage?

To prevent further infection with the coronavirus, patients and visitors in this triage room are first checked and they have to answer a number of questions before they can enter the hospital.

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