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Through our knowledge and capabilities, within the design and build realm, we strive to engage and inspire visitors beyond their expectations. We realise the experiential journey through the art of storytelling, which is enabled by state of the art immersive technology that increases awareness by creating interest and intrigue. As Brands become more purpose-driven, the need to connect with their customers in a different, more meaningful way is paramount. By creating digital experiences, we assist them in turning strategy into tangible experiences, sparking inspiration, building credibility and expressing empathy.

Together with our partners, we offer a full turnkey solution: from concept design and development, content creation, project management, final installation and maintenance. By taking full ownership for the total process, we alleviate the client’s burden and create the ultimate immersive experience in a time efficient manner. We offer various solutions if various sectors, including: visitor centres, retail 5.0 A.i. driven environments, visitor & innovation centres, institutions, museums and headquarters.


” A unique reflection of the identity of 42 Abu Dhabi”

The second part of the project consisted in the design and creation of a life-sized cube that would be a central piece to the fluid digital landscape of the campus. The cube is the first part of a digital garden, that was designed to promote coding and the infinite possibilities that comes with it. In the same theme as the smart tree, the students and visitors are the ones to keep the cube alive, as each recorded activity has an impact on its digital nature, existence and growth. ”Technology is best when it brings people together” and this was an important aspect during the design process. On top of captivating the visitor’s attention, the cube also offers the possibility for people to interact with it. By using games and interactive displays, the creation of a live multiplayer version of Pacman perfectly represents this, which creates a unique and enjoyable atmosphere within the campus. Having such an outstanding masterpiece on a campus creates a sense of belonging for the students at 42, it makes them proud to be part of the school.


“A national treasure digitised”

Working on the Abu Dhabi Ecole 42’s Campus opening, the project consisted of crafting two innovative products. For a grand opening of this size, the tradition is to plant a tree that would grow and represent the growth of the campus and learners across time, but this time it was differently. As Ecole 42 is a tech hub, the team decided on creating a representative element which was the ”interactive tree”. The concept was to ”plant” a virtual smart tree, the choice of tree was not random at all, as the decision was to plant a Ghaf tree, which is the national tree of UAE. The concept was that it would grow with time, the tree will never look the same twice as it is in a constant state of evolution. The tree’s growth would be a digital represented by the simultaneous work activity carried out by the students. Every person is connected to the display via the 42 servers across the campus, every activity recorded would be visibly represented live and contribute to the tree’s evolution. To add to realistic side to the project, live characteristics from the weather and climate in the UAE are taken into account. The tree responds to it by adapting colours and live animations to represent the external characteristics.

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