Homestudios by BAM

Royal BAM Group is a successful European construction group that unites operating companies in two business lines, construction and property and civil engineering, as well as in public-private partnerships. In collaboration with DST – the experience agency and Hypsos, customer journey Homestudios in Utrecht, the Netherlands was designed to help their new buyers with the choices they have to make when buying a newbuild home by BAM.

In Homestudios everything is focused on inspiration, personal guidance and convenience, which comes together in the physical experience center. The customers can also use a digital platform in which they will be informed and inspired, can prepare choices, or make contact with other future residents.

Homestudios guides customers through the process of making choices for their new homes. Everything will be discussed: what kind of kitchen, bathroom, floors, walls, stairs, interior doors, lighting, etc., it will be discussed and decided. Not only space-enhancing options, but also furniture and accessories, TVs and beds belong to the assortment of Homestudios and its many partners.
Homestudios decorated 7 houses and 4 apartments in different styles and with many layout variations to inspire the customer and helping them in making choices within their budget.

The unique aspect of Homestudios is the way the customer is taking on the customer journey. Consisting of a personalized creation with a residential advisor, gathering knowledge about different options in the ‘knowledge studio’, physically cooking in the cooking studio, gaining inspiration in the model houses and being able to see the future house in a 3D presentation where you can walk through the new house including all the chosen options.

This customer journey is designed in collaboration with DST – the experience agency and Hypsos. Many elements in the creation and knowledge studio in Homestudios have been developed, built and installed by Hypsos.

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