Innovative Pavilion of the Netherlands at Expo 2017

On June 10, the Expo 2017 opened its doors in Astana, Kazakhstan. On 113 hectares of land, the 2017 Expo is held, where about 115 countries and 22 international organizations participate. The theme of this year is ‘Future Energy’.

The main objective of the exhibition is to raise responsibility that promotes discussion and stimulates the development of knowledge that allows people to control the energy use on our planet and minimize damage to the environment.

The theme of the Dutch pavilion is “Low Country, High Energy” and let all the visitors know the typical Dutch Mindset, how that mindset has driven the Dutch to innovate and discover what role the Netherlands plays in the energy transition. Issues such as climate change, the reduction of CO2 emissions, new forms of energy, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, energy security, energy production and storage and renewable energy.

The visitors of the Dutch Pavilion are immersed in a spatial representation of the character of the Netherlands; An visyal language that refers to Dutch icons, Dutch thinking and Dutch Design.

Hypsos has in collaboration with Partner for Creative Services, made a surprising design for the Dutch Pavilion. Under the leadership of creative director Melle Pama and his team of Expo pavilion group / gestalt, a distinctive and remarkable pavilion has been created.  Hypsos has final responsibility, as general contractor, for the concept, design and realisation of this Pavilion.

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