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Challenges bring opportunities, opportunities to learn, opportunities to test yourself. During the pandemic; HYPSOS has been fortunate to assist the Association for Public Health and Safety in the Netherlands (GGD) in creating a scalable solution for the vaccination centers. Not completely unique to HYPSOS, this project ensured our best permanent and temporary installation skills were tested. With a short delivery time, an old building and a list of requirements, out solutions team managed to create the right mix to ensure the deadlines were met, within budget and a very relieved client. 

Transforming dairy into COVID vaccination site

The Dutch Government and the GGD had been looking for suitable locations within the province of Utrecht for much needed vaccination locations. One of the most suitable locations was based in an old dairy laboratory within Woerden, which had not been used for more than 10 years.

The site needed to conform to the government and GGD regulations around Covid19 and the building was successfully transformed by HYPSOS into a flexible and safe vaccination location within weeks.

Research into the coronavirus

When designing a vaccination location, the type of materials used are crucial. Hypsos can use its expertise in permanent and temporary interior fit out perfectly. During our research within the Solutions Team, we needed to find the material that is most effective for the project at hand. Despite the fact that we all know the well-known plexiglass screens, however this does not turn out to be the safest option. The goal was to find a material or surface that would assist in limiting the spread of the virus, the Solutions Team discovered that plastic was not the right way to go, but cardboard!

Hence the decision to make the dividers and items mainly from cardboard out of pure safety.


The GGD (Association for Public Health and Safety) in The Netherlands, to create a vaccination center in Woerden, Utrecht.


To convert an existing office area and test laboratory facility in into a temporary COVID-19 vaccination location. The building was due to be torn down in 2021. Create a trusted facility for the community to receive the vaccine.


A thorough and cost-efficient advice from Hypsos to realize this project as quick and save as possible. Removal of old furniture and walls to create a suitable environment for the GGD. Expert advice around interior fit out, layout, people movement, air conditioning, floor surfaces and electrical supply.


  • Concept design
  • Interior fit out
  • Experience design
  • Temporary installations
  • Interior installations

Wishlist realization vaccination location GGD

HYPSOS received a wish list of requirements from the GGD containing their requirements for the project. Function and form needed to marry into the existing structure as much as possible. With the removal of old furniture and interior and exterior walls, HYPSOS created a safe and multifunctional environment. Additional requirements were to ensure a constant air exchange as well as rewiring a number of areas for electrical supply to machinery and fridges. The location also had to flexible in the setup and with larger open areas.

We all hope that the coronavirus will not dominate our lives for too long, so developing these locations needs to be financially viable and sustainable for the periods they are needed. HYPSOS actively engaged with the GGD to bring in flexibility and meet the requirements from the start to ensure the longevity of the units being able to me moved to other centers or locations when needed.

Air treatment interior construction

Through the network of HYPSOS, the air circulation required from the GGD was realized. The requirements needed was to ensure fresh filtered air is always moving through the facility in order to reduce the amount of infections caused by the virus being air-borne.

The GGD has taken on the ideas created by HYPSOS to implement at other centers across the country, would you like to know more? Contact us.

Covid Health & Safety solutions for work, retail & healthcare

Hypsos has developed a Stay Safe solution for hospitals, offices and shops that follows the guidelines outlined by the RIVM rules for COVID-19. HYPSOS has delivered this for a number their clients, one such is a custom solution for The Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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