Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its doors

After 10 years of preparation and construction, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opened on November 8th. Architect Jean Nouvel calls his building an ‘homage to the Arab city with its poetry of light and geometry’.

The new museum of world cultural history lies beneath a 180-meter stainless steel and aluminium dome. This architectural marvel seems to float above the facility buildings beneath, providing a dappled shade pierced with shafts of light that filter through the patterned surface. Visitors can comfortably walk between the 23 exhibition spaces, the Children’s Museum, the open plaza, the café and the restaurant.

Children’s Museum

TCA awarded Hypsos in Dubai with the assignment to build the Children’s Museum to the design of Opera Amsterdam.

The objective of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Children’s Museum is to open the world of art to young visitors and their families by giving them the skills necessary to understand the museum and how to look at art. By making use of a variety of devices to encourage looking, dialogue and family interaction, an atmosphere is created that is stimulating as well as appealing to young visitors and families. As children today are so familiar with new technologies, the entire Children’s Museum is filled with stimulating games, projections, images and sound, ready to be discovered. A popular example is the calligraphy interactive, where children can write their name on a touchscreen, which then creates an Arabic translation.

An interactive highlight is the central projection wall. Artwork produced by children in creative workshops can be scanned, uploaded and then projected for all to see and admire. Also popular is the large tent, where up to 12 children can sit and listen to music and stories.

The exhibition will change every six months, featuring new artwork from the collection and new themes. The showcases and furniture is therefore flexible to keep the experience fresh and interesting for frequent visitors.

Hypsos was responsible for the supply and installation of the complete exhibition fit out including interactive exhibits, furniture, graphics, signage, lighting and AV hardware integration.

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