Nespresso at Horecava

Modular stand construction at Horecava

Nespresso presents its wide range of coffee machines here for professional use.

Last week, trade show Horecava took place in the RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam. Nespresso presents its wide range of coffee machines here for professional use. Their goal was to demonstrate their sustainable process of making coffeebeans from coffeeberry to the actual cup of coffee.

This sustainable process from coffee berries to a cup of coffee is reflected clearly in the graphic layout of the stand, making use of transparent printed cloths, which give the stand its open character.
Much attention has been paid to the right, atmospheric exposure. Many floating effects with LED lights have been chosen, copper accents in the frame of the stand, lamps and trendy accessories, which all provide a warm appearance, which is one of the core values of Nespresso.

Of course, ‘tasting’ is key issue at the stand. All Nespresso machines from the program business solutions were clearly presented and were used to demonstrate and taste coffee from. Bartenders on the stand presented the most outspoken and innovative recipes.

Hypsos has developed the designs and executed the stand construction of both Nespresso presentations.

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