Millennium Dome, London

In 1999, Hypsos realized an absolute tour de force within six months, given the pavilion’s size (2500 m²: 75 meters long, 35 meters wide and 29 meters high), the unique design, the high time pressure and the stringent safety requirements.

At the end of December, well before the opening by Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth on December 31, Hypsos completed construction. This pavilion is one of the 14 theme pavilions that can be visited this year in the 90,000 m² domed building. The other pavilions have themes such as Body, Journey, Games, Work, Money etc.. In the centre of the Dome, a theatre has been set up where a daily show is performed to the music of Peter Gabriel. A cinema has been built outside the building, which shows a short film by Black Adder (played by Rowan Atkinson).

In the Mind Zone, the visitor can be amazed at the creativity of the human brain and can work with his senses and perceptions through mind games, visual tricks and optical illusions. In addition to futuristic sights, you can also admire 20 works of art, all with the theme of the human mind.

Looking back on this project, several details stand out. Most of the work was done on location. This meant, among other things, that they worked permanently in shifts and that at the peak even more than 120 people were involved. A highlight, both literally and figuratively, as the pavilion consists of three floors. An absolute highlight is the upright mirror wall of almost 30 meters on which alpinists have applied neon letters! With great craftsmanship and the right spirit, a considerable performance has been achieved that has not gone unnoticed.

The public gives the Mind Zone a good score, according to the many positive reactions. 

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