The Ellinikon Experience Centre in Athene

The site of the former Athens International Airport is giving way to a new city, The Ellinikon: a multi-dimensional destination that sets new standards for sustainability, economic growth and quality of life. In addition to Athens, The Ellinikon will be a new “smart” city, three times the size of Monaco, open to everyone. It will welcome thousands of future residents and visitors and incorporate advanced technologies and basic services such as schools and healthcare from the outset.

The Experience Center was conceived and developed for this urban renewal project, which focuses on people and the environment, and at the same time focuses on the future.

The Experience Center takes you on a journey through a world of innovation, sustainability and ambition. Through five themed zones with impressive features and interactive experiences, you will learn the key goals, philosophy and characteristics of The Ellinikon.

The development of The Ellinikon takes place in a location rich in historical heritage. Wander between the historic monuments of the past and the ambitious plans for the future of this iconic development. Discover the impressive works and all the details for the innovative design, through a magical audiovisual tour.

Media.monks and Hypsos created, engineered, produced, programmed and installed the entire process through a ‘design & built’ contract.

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