The National Maritime Museum – Object and Theme Exhibits

The refurbished Maritime Museum reflects the rich maritime history of the Netherlands through more attractive and interactive exhibits. The facility will better accommodate a new generation of museum visitors with expectations of doubling attendance in the coming years.

The main feature in the new Museum will be “The Maritime Experience”, a highly interactive attraction where visitors are thrown back in time and can learn about what it must have been like to work on a Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship and experience being at sea during the heat of a battle or a raging storm. The design and execution of “The Maritime Experience”, as well as all the Museum’s new exhibitions, will be done by a team led by Hypsos as the Main Contractor, together with MET Studio as museum designer, and Tinker, as lead content provider.

Integrated into the work is the provision of 130 climate-controlled showcases by Bruns. These are specially developed to maintain temperature and humidity controlled filtered air within the showcase while providing the best display and conservation environment for the over 1,000 unique and precious collection pieces.

Hypsos produced thirteen interactive exhibits

Visitors experience how the sea shaped Dutch history and culture as the exhibits bring historic events and personal stories to life through vivid multimedia. Selections of artifacts from the world-class collection are also displayed. The wide range of exhibits has something for everyone, even the youngest visitors. Exhibit production and installation was done in a consortium with Bruns NL based on designs from Atelier Brückner, Haley Sharpe Design and Event Communication.

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