‘Urbanian’ at Shanghai Expo

Together with designers Kossmann.dejong, Hypsos undertook design development coordination of Urbanian, one of the five prestigious “Theme” pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

The exhibition told the real life stories of 6 families in 6 fascinating cities across the five continents. To make the greatest emotional and experiential impact, dynamic displays featured innovative multimedia and video programmes and showed the day- to- day life stories of the families. Contextual artifacts and iconic urban forms were emphasized with theatrical lighting and audio and deepened the shared impression of “reality” between visitors and the families.

Hypsos provided exhibition design engineering and specification of AV hardware, lighting and programming.

World Expo 2010, Shanghai China.

Shanghai Expo

May 2010 was the largest World Expo in history to take place in China, with 200 participating countries and 70 million visitors expected to attend. 

At present half of the world population lives in a city. This is expected to grow to  75% by 2050. Every day 150,000 people leave the countryside to find a better life in the city. It is in the face of this development that for this World Expo the chosen theme was “Better City, Better Life”. The theme presents a new way of thinking, new technologies and new practices to realise a healthy and sustainable urban life. The exhibition design for the ‘Urbanian Pavilion’ focuses on the sub-theme ‘urban population’.

A remarkable visitor experience was created making full use of the 22m internal height of the pavilion. The 15,000 m2 Urbanian Pavilion has attracted 40,000 visitors a day.

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