Virtual reality at Volkswagen stand AutoRai

The visitor comes to the AutoRai exhibition for information, gaining impressions, seeing, feeling, smelling, touching, but above all ‘experiencing’ the world of the car. For Volkswagen, Hypsos designed an impressive, virtuality reality stand presentation that made Volkswagen the biggest crowd puller of the AutoRai.

Volkswagen responded optimally to this ‘experience consumer’ by presenting the excellent qualities of the product and the production process in a magical way in its presentation. With the theme of ‘the magic of perfection’, visitors are invited to experience for themselves how Volkswagen’s cars come to their perfect quality.

Digital Experience

The Volkswagen stand on the AutoRai gives an impression of a factory complex. The complete rear wall has been designed in the atmosphere of a factory façade from the 1950s. This stands for concepts such as sound and reliable, which the visitor will experience as brand values. With the help of projection techniques and lighting, the gifts ‘come to life’ in varying areas of color that influence the atmosphere on the stand, from cool blue to warm yellow.

The high-tech pavilion is the first eye-catcher of the presentation. Due to its advanced position, its intriguing appearance, the view of people turning around with Virtual Reality glasses on, and the light and sound effects, visitors are enormously attracted to visit this pavilion and experience what ‘those people with those experience spectacles. Hosts / hostess in white coats invite visitors with the ‘Discover the magic of perfection’ credo to experience for themselves how Volkswagen’s products are made.

Virtual Reality at Volkswagen stand

Virtual Reality

In the queue, visitors are already given a first look at Volkswagen’s magical production process via monitors (for example, with the help of webcams with lifeconnection to the factory). Once the turn comes for a ride on the ‘magic wheel of perfection’, the visitors themselves experience through a virtual reality presentation complete with special effects (smell, steam, moisture, heat) how a Volkswagen is created.

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