However, curating a collection and designing its concept is only the beginning. How can you successfully bring it to life and offer visitors an engaging and memorable experience?

You need an experienced team. One with prowess in project management, production and translating concepts into an immersive and interactive exhibition.

Thanks to over 100 years of experience, Hypsos is a production company with a difference. A complete turnkey offering for museum curators with unique collections. We bring to life concepts and exhibitions through sustainable, high-quality materials to create memories visitors will treasure forever.

Early involvement of our team, during the concept and design phase, enables us to better support your vision with innovative production ideas. Ideally, the sooner the better. Our project managers seamlessly integrate with you and your design partners no matter where you are in the world, to guide and advise throughout the entire project.

We offer the following services: design, calculation, engineering, project management, production, installation, maintenance, transportation and warehousing.

In addition, innovation and creativity are at the heart of our builds — multimedia, theatrical presentations, bespoke lighting design and interactive installations that will take your visitors on a voyage of discovery.

Why choose Hypsos for your museum fit-out?

  • We understand the technical complexity of designing and building immersive exhibitions — our proactive project managers will guide and support you, at every step.

  • A turnkey service offering so you can build your concept through one trusted partner, with the confidence it will be completed on time and within your budget.

  • Value engineering is a core part of our offering. By working closely with design partners early on, we can advise and consult on the best ways to bring a project from paper to production.

  • Every collection, curation and exhibition has a story to tell — our talented team heroes your narrative to take visitors on an engaging and memorable journey.

  • We have a global network so we can deliver your project anywhere, without the stress of sourcing local suppliers or needing to read up on regional regulations

  • No project is too complex for our team of designers, engineers, carpenters and producers — the bigger the better!

  • Sustainability is a core Hypsos value. As an ISO 14001-certified company we work tirelessly to find sustainable suppliers and craft designs with limited waste and reusability in mind.

  • Installation and ongoing maintenance are included in our services, giving you peace of mind that your fit-out will always offer a high-quality experience throughout its life.

  • We’re committed to delivering a world-class experience regardless of the budget, timeline or environment.

From paper to production, bring your exhibition to life with Hypsos. We are proud of our track record in delivering beautiful museum projects on time, within budget and beyond your expectations.