Who is prepared to relocate temporarily or to travel for longer periods if and when necessary

Who are we?

At Hypsos, by our very nature, we are craftsmen. We bring to life the best of design and manufacturing processes to delivery high class projects for our clients. With our heritage that stretches back over 100 years, we believe that people are made to interact with each other, face to face; and thus, we are in the business of creating Interiors, Museum and exhibition environments that inspire.

Based in the Soesterberg, Utrecht, Hypsos has been involved with delivering projects from down the road from our offices to Tokyo, Japan. Nothing we do is the same, with each project comes a new challenge, however, there is a constant and that is our customer centric service. We pride ourselves on offering a solutions driven approach and delivering quality projects.

We are currently working on projects in Denmark, Germany and France, whilst tendering on projects in Greece, The UK and Middle East, never a dull moment in these offices! Are you next to be welcomed as part of the Hypsos family?

We are currently looking for a Site Manager, who has similar skill set to that of a Project Manager.

What will you be doing?

Your role dovetails between the Project Manager/ Director, the production team and the interactions with contractors. Your planning starts in the office with the Project Manager to understand the full scope of the project and the deliverables required. The ability to create timelines, complete process documents and read plans will stand you in good stead in order to schedule and manage your site.

Having control over contractors and our production teams is key to the execution on site, ensuring deliveries and logistics plug seamlessly into the project timelines will be to your benefit!

Your overall responsibility will be for ensuring that the installation and construction of our projects on site are completed with a happy client, on budget and within deadlines.

Your key tasks include:

  • Supervising and overseeing the direction of the project, ensuring that the client’s specifications and requirements are met, reviewing progress and liaising with Project Managers on costs
  • Liaising with the client, other construction professionals and potentially members of the public.
  • Coordinating Hypsos staff and supervising construction workers on site.
  • Making safety inspections and ensuring construction and site safety.
  • Checking and preparing site reports, designs and drawings.
  • Maintaining quality control procedures.
  • Finding ways to prevent problems and to solve any that do occur.
  • Assessing and minimizing risk.
  • Writing reports and keeping on top of paperwork.
  • Helping to negotiating contracts and securing permits and licenses.
  • As construction managers work on site wherever that site is, be prepared to relocate or face a longer commute as and when required.

Who you are:

  • You have a MBO /HBO work and thinking level (for example Industrial Product Design (HBO) or Work Planner Interior Construction (MBO level 4)
  • Relevant work experience in the sector is a plus, but your work attitude, learning ability and cultural fit play an important role in your future job.
  • You have a good command of English in word and in writing in addition to Dutch
  • You are in possession of a B driver’s licence

In addition, you also possess the following characteristics

  • Good communication skills
  • Problem solving ability
  • Decision-making ability
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Skills to work in a team
  • Good knowledge of construction methods and regulations.

Salary depending on education and experience.

React to this vacancy?

Are you interested? Then don’t send a standard letter, we are particularly interested in who you are and why you are applying for this great role within Hypsos. Also indicate what knowledge and experience you are missing and where you would like to develop.

Still something for you? Then send your motivation, photo and CV to Jelleke de Vries, HR Advisor: recruitment@hypsos.com.

Of course you can also get more information before you decide to react. You can call Mark Ewing, Business Unit Manager Production, at 06-46232896 or send an email to recruitment@hypsos.com for a (digital) tour of our organisation, a cup of coffee and a chat about your possibilities at Hypsos.

On our website you will find examples of projects that we devise, design and make.

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