Stay Safe Corona licensing app

Corona licensing app for office security

In collaboration with, among others, Hypsos and StoryTemple have developed an app. This app takes care of a Corona license based on e-learning as proof that your company, employees and visitors are aware of the applicable COVID-19 regulations.

Anyone who has successfully obtained his or her “license” can safely enter the business premises.

A recognized company creates trust among employees and visitors and creates a safe working environment.

The licensing journey for employees and guests:

  1. Employees and guests receive an email invitation
  2. After a 5-minute course and a positive result, he/she knows which rules apply
  3. The unique COVID-19 license is sent by email
  4. The license can be stored digitally on your smartphone
  5.  Arriving at the premises, your COVID-19 license is checked by the reception

Promise to the employer:

  1. An end-to-end solution, no IT integration required for implementation
  2. 100% owner of the data. Admin panel to manage email addresses (.csv, .json, .xls)
  3. Real-time dashboard with insight into the progress
  4. Content can be adapted to corporate identity
  5. Ability to add custom-made e-learning content
  6. Possibility to integrate with existing badges systems.

Yes, contact us:

Stay Safe is an initiative of a.o. Hypsos and StoryTemple.

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