Producing Sustainable

Would you like your upcoming stand, event, store or experience produced sustainable?


Hypsos is committed to the environment
Hypsos stimulates innovation in our field; looking for boundaries that will produce less waste during the production process: such as the Smurfit Kappa stand with recycled paper as the most important material, with which we have completed a sustainable stand design of the ‘eco-stand’.

Reduction of the footprint in our industry of stand construction, interior, museums, brand experience and world events
In addition to our own business operations, Hypsos also offers its customers the opportunity to realize their interior, stand, museum exhibition, brand experience or world event in a sustainable way.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the new standard.
Hypsos is committed to a changing policy in the field of waste separation, energy consumption, fuel management, purchasing of materials, possible reuse of materials and working conditions.

Do you want to know more about Hypsos’ CSR strategy or do you want an introductory meeting to realize your project (stand construction, interior, museum, experience) in certified / reusable materials?


We have taken the following measures to decrease the environmental impacts caused by our business activities:

• Involving all employees in energy conservation campaigns.
• Cutting CO2 emissions.
• Preventing air, water, soil and other pollutions.
• Preventing noise and vibration pollutions
• Promoting proper waste management.
• Developing eco-friendly products and technologies.

Is your next project going to be sustainable?

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Relevant projects:

project of Smurfit Kappa – stand construction of recyclable cardboard

project for Circular economy – exhibition Circular Expo

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