“Dutch Flower Kingdom”, a Dutch themed park in Nansha District, Guangdong Province, China opened to the public on February 7. 2015. Visitors can enjoy Dutch tulips and authentic Dutch delicacies presented in an iconic Dutch setting. Located in the eastern tourism area of the district, the “Dutch Flower Kingdom” is part of recent modifications made to the original Puzhou Park. With a total area of more than 200,000 square meters, it includes a flower exhibition area, a wetlands area and an outdoor sport recreation area. The colourful opening featured more than 400,000 tulips on display.

Hypsos teamed up with Dutch designers Barnyard to create a themed retail outlet for famous Dutch cheeses. Hypsos was approached to complement an ongoing initiative to foster closer ties between The Netherlands and China through display of iconic Dutch products ranging from windmills and tulips to beer and cheese. Working from a design based on the successful the Dutch Cheese and More shops in Hong Kong, Hypsos provided the interior fit out and all the necessary equipment including shop furniture, fixtures and refrigeration equipment.