Building relations within the new reality

Let’s meet. Like we used to. Let’s meet our valued clients, our industry peers, our prospects. Because we can. Our innovative Home Event Solutions lets you hold a safe and impactful event on your own grounds. Using a combination of strict but very workable Covid-19 guidelines and digital technology, you can once again build meaningful relations with face-to-face contact.

Then we‘ve got the solution for you..!

We will provide you with…

Party Rent Group | Headquarters
Busskolk 16-22
46395 Bocholt

Losberger de Boer
Laanenderweg 11
1812 PW Alkmaar

Hypsos | Headquarters
Centurionbaan 220
3769 AV Soesterberg

More info:

Cees Onink
Project manager Hypsos
T +31 346 357 500
T +31 6227904643

E timetomeetagain@hypsos.com