On the European continent, two important exhibitions for the yacht industry took place: the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show. Sarp Yachts, designing and constructing luxury motor and sailing yachts participated in both shows.


Hypsos was responsible for the design and production of their high-end stand presentations at those yacht shows. For the stand design, we chose a white high gloss finish for the slightly curved walls, decorated with gold stripes, creating beautiful spaces and giving the stands the high-quality look of luxury, so it matches the yachts of Sarp. The ceiling is covered with reflective foil giving the stand event more special effect. A large graphic of a yacht at sea covering the back wall, even adds-up to the sophisticated look of the stand, to draw visitors in.

Hypsos produced the stand concept and the stand designs, manufactured and installed both stand presentations into each detail.